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Places to Stay and to Eat while in CLEARFIELD  
<    "The Old High School" (1917-1975) and

                                 "The Original High School"
"The Mill Road High School" ( 1956-1975 )                                                            
Clearfield, PA
Fifty Years of C.H.S. Wrestling

The Buidings that served as C.H.S.

How the "Bison" Statue came to be   >

< C.H.S. And the Military Academies

Turkey Hill Rock Festival, 1970s, UPDATED with more articles

< The Wall on Daisy Street

Memories of the "Indy 500", 1970s-80s >

Clearfield Elks "High Country" Arts &
   Crafts Fair over the years ~ 2017 , 2016 , 2015 , 2014 , 2013

Otocsin Invitational Sports Car Races
   at Du Bois-Jefferson County Airport, 1964

"Super Load" seizes attention of area residents
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